Explore the Features of Glance Clock

See Your Day in Color

Connect your calendar to Glance Clock and see your day’s schedule colorfully represented on the clock face. Get prompt reminders about meetings, events from your mailbox, and important dates (e.g. your mom’s birthday).

Never Miss A Call, Text Or UBER

During your busy day, Glance Clock will gently alert you of incoming calls, texts, and UBER rides. This sleek device will even show you who is calling, and let you color-code your contacts so you can recognize who’s on the line—at a glance.

Never Get Caught In The Rain

How many times have you left the house and later noticed those rain clouds rolling in? With Glance Clock you’ll never get caught in bad weather. Stay up to date on chances of rain and the temperature as your Glance Clock displays weather updates throughout the day. 

Seamlessly Sync With Smart Home And Amazon Alexa

If you have a smart home device, why not enhance its power? Glance clock is the perfect interface for visualizing the notifications and functions of your smart home device. For example, with Glance you can give Amazon’s Alexa a face to match the voice. Ask Alexa a question and see the answer flash on your Glance Clock.

Stay Connected To What Matters

Notifications can get tedious and annoying, to say the least. At the same time, however, staying connected is hugely important to modern life. Glance Clock supports smart notifications from your favorite apps, reminders, ToDos and family events, so you control what notifications you get—staying connected to the things that matter most.

Catch That Sunset, Wherever You Are

With Glance Clock you’ll never miss that gorgeous sunrise! No matter your schedule, Glance will wake you up just in time. You can set alarms to help you coordinate with people in different time zones, to see the sunset, or stay in tune with prayer times.

Visualize Your Goals

Glance Clock is the perfect fitness companion. By visualising your fitness goals with simple graphs, Glance Clock makes it it super easy to stay on track with your workouts. You can view your day-to-day progress and stay motivated throughout the week! 

News, TV And Sports

With Glance Clock you can choose the information that you see in real time. Perhaps you like to stay on top of breaking news, or always know how the baseball game is coming along. Whatever you need, Glance Clock will keep track of news updates, scores and even your show times, so you never miss a beat!

Your Favorite Tunes, Available At A Glance

Wondering what song is playing? Just look at your Glance Clock and see the song and artist displayed on the clock face. Glance syncs up with popular music services, so you can enjoy your tunes and discover more music—at a glance.

Create Your Own Features Via IFTTT, Stringify And Open APIs

Glance Clock contains an amazing visual interface that can show you just about anything. However, if you can't find the feature you’re looking for, then you can  create your own using open APIs. Add more value to Glance through IFTTT recipes and Stringify flows.


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