How Does Glance Clock Get Data?

Glance Clock uses cloud synchronizing through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on your smartphone.

How Does Glance Clock Really Work?

Glance Clock gets data from the cloud where we do integrations with the most popular services and IoT devices. Using the mobile App, you pick your favorite services and add information that you want to see at your Glance Clock. Day by day Glance Clock will analyze data and set your personal profile. Based on the profile Glance Clock determines what information and when should be displayed. You can set your own scripts and rules how and when you want to see information at your Glance Clock.

Does It Have Mobile App?

Glance has iOS App. The App is free, and you need to download it to setup your Glance.

How Many Users Can Use One Glance clock?

There is no limits on a number of users for one Glance Clock. Each of you family or team member might have his own app with own preferences, so Glance will display specific information that is relevant personally for you or for group of people. There are two modes: private and shared so you can switch from one to another to not display the private data for everyone.


Is It Like A Tablet On The Wall?

Glance Clock is a well-designed wall clock with mechanical hands. It is also a glanceable display, but you don't see anything while it's switched off. The information appears on a clock face right when you need to pay attention to it.

My Phone Knows All Of This. Why Would I Want This On My Wall?

The difference between Glance Clock and a mobile phone is that the clock is always visible and always on. You don't need to unlock your phone and look for a right App to get data. It is also a well-designed element for your home or office.

How Bright The Glance Clock's Display?

Glance Clock is bright enough so you can see information clearly on the daytime or on the evening. It has a light sensor and can dim the screen brightness depending on ambient light.


What Are The Clock Dimensions?

Glance Clock is ~9in (227mm) in diameter, ~1in (29mm) thick, and weight 420g

How Is Glance Clock Powered?

There is a rechargeable battery so Glance Clock can run autonomously up to 6 months on one charge. This time depends on your usage pattern the same as your smartphone. As often you use your phone as less it goes on one charge. If you don't want to charge your Glance Clock time-to-time or you want to see some data constantly, you better plug in the charging cable.

Does The Display On The Glance Clock Stay On All The Time?

The display only comes on when it needs to display data. Glance Clock understands what information and when to display without an interruption of your attention. There is a sensor to detect the presence in a room. The display is totally off while you sleep or out of the room.

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