HOW OFTEN DO YOU CHECK YOUR PHONE? phone notifies me about new emails, messages, calls, social media updates, appointments and much more. Even, when I don’t receive a notification, I turn on the screen to check, if I haven't missed a call.

When I forget my phone in another room I feel stressed. I feel like I’m missing out on something and have to go and bring it. 

These days, we feel like we have to be constantly available for work, friends and family. We don’t call and text someone just for important things anymore. However, according to many researchers, constant notifications and checking the phones make us feel exhausted, cause problems to focus and be productive at work as well as in personal life. It practically prevents us from getting things done. 
Here, I want to share with you a related research published by Daily mail: 

  • The average user reaches for their phone at 7:31am in the morning
  • These users check personal emails and Facebook before they get out of bed
  • And many of us pick up our phones more than 1,500 times each week
  • Average owners use their phone for three hours and sixteen minutes a day
  • And almost four in ten users admitted to feeling lost without their device 
  • Study surveyed 2,000 smartphone owners about their tech habits
  • Many of us have become so reliant on our smartphones, we use them to carry out a staggering 221 tasks every day 1

These numbers sound pretty scary to me! The sad is, that I'm a great example of “an average person”. Checking of my phone is taking over my life.  

The first possible solution I thought about was to turn off all notifications. However, a lot of researches showed that the feeling of what if I receive an important email or miss an appointment makes us even more nervous and have even more negative impact on our performance.  

The solution for this problem is to show notifications, but in a way they won’t distract us. In a way that prevent us of missing out and make us feel comfortable, when we are talking with our family and don’t have our phone with us. This solution for me in my office as well as at home is Glance Clock. It makes my life less stressed and I hope you will give it a try to help you too.