How can Glance Clock make your life easier and more productive

All of us are seeking for a way to get the right information at the right time to be more productive and not to feel overwhelmed. We believe Glance Clock can help you organize today’s chaotic life and make it more enjoyable. In this blog post, we will show you how Glance Clock can make your life, life of your family and work place much more effective. Please take a closer look on how Glance Clock can help.

At first look, Glance Clock may seem to be just a well-designed home accessory that shows you the time and makes your interiors look great. As soon as you turn it on and open our app you see the whole hidden value. The four colourful circles and various symbols in 16M customizable colours that show your selected notifications or progress make this accessory an irreplaceable personal assistant.   

Here are selected basic features for this first post from the series of “HOW IT WORKS” posts:

Calendar And To-Do Lists

The most fundamental reason why we check time is to make sure we are ready for our appointments and deliver all tasks on time. The ease of seeing notifications while you are sitting in your living room without checking your phone is invaluable.

Let me show you the 3 basic options how you can display your calendar:

  1. You can categorize various colors for your work and personal appointments and see how your schedule for the day looks like.  All this without displaying details.

  2. The other option is to add a blink notification for the next upcoming event in advance and show you more description about it. Or you can skip the first option and set up just this notification.

  3. The third option is to set up just a colorful blink notification for the nearest event and not to display more details to keep more privacy.

Checking Your Phone For Calls And Messages

When I’m at work or with my family at home I often put my phone on silent mode. The pity is, I often miss important calls or don’t notice messages from Whatsapp or Viber. On the other side, when my phone constantly rings and do various notification sounds, I feel nervous and overwhelmed.

Do you have the similar problem as me? If yes, I strongly recommend you to try Glance Clock to make it all easier. It shows you when you have an incoming call and who is calling or who texted you in a very nice way without disturbing all your evening.


If you are not a lucky one and don’t live in always sunny California, the weather is probably one of the first things you check in the morning. To help you decide whether you can do outdoor sports or what to wear today we included very nice gif animations to inform you if it’s sunny, rainy, clouds or storm and about the temperature for the day.

More Time-Related Features

Do you want to call your colleagues or family in the opposite part of the world? Glance clock displays a color sign for your selected time zones to avoid disturbing them during the night or non-office hours.

Another option is to show office hours of your colleagues constantly in a different time zone with a colorful line or notify you when their day starts with a blinking sign.

Of course, we didn’t forget to include a very useful timer or count-down tool too. You can display it with numbers or with a colorful line.

Health & Taking Medicine

Most of us use devices to monitor our health - our vital functions, how active we are or how many steps we take daily. You can display it all on Glance Clock to remind you to do physical activity, eat healthier, to give you more motivation and monitor day-to-day progress.  We provide various options for displaying it depending on your device and preferences.

Do you need to take medicine regularly or make sure your family members take it? Set appointments and you won’t forget anymore.

Smart Home And IoT Devices

I guess each of you has at least one smart device at home such as a thermostat for instance. Now, all you need is a device to display all important events. Glance Clock can inform you with small symbols if kids turned off the light, what is the temperature and much more.

UBER, Public Transit Or Trafic Situation

I personally don’t drive so I use Uber very often. I found it great, but one thing is really enjoying – checking my phone for the driver arrival…:/ That’s why I find it amazing that Glance Clock shows me when the driver accepts the ride, countdown till arrival and when my driver is here. It makes my life much easier as mostly these few minutes till the driver’s arrival mean my breakfast or a quick snack.

In the same way, it helps with an arrival of the train you want to catch or when you should leave for your meeting according to current traffic.

Voice Control

Don’t you want to set up timer, countdown or other features on the phone? No worries, you can easily connect it to your Amazon Alexa.

These were just few basic ways how we can make your life easier. Stay tuned to learn about more ways how you can use it.

I hope you agree with me, that after smartphone replaced a phone, smart watch replaced watch, it’s time to put you old wall clock off the wall and replace them with Glance Clock!