Why is it important to simplify the interface and data representation in the world of IoT, Internet of Things?

I believe that nobody wants to wear multiple devices on their wrist or have a clutter home with plastic boxes everywhere just because it looks cool. The Internet of Things or IoT has transformed our lives. The core value of IoT is that everyday objects have network connectivity to receive data. IoT is changing the basic home into a smart home.

I understand that we all want to know more about ourselves,  the relationships we have with people and know more about our world. We all desire more information. We all love reading and analyzing the information from these smart devices. Therefore I believe, it is necessary to simplifying the interface and data representation because it will allow communication to come together in one place. Glance clock is an interface to IoT digital world and will uses existing IoT system.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 18.18.37.png

Is your phone interface good enough to communicate with the IoT world?

Probably yes, but it is all we know. However, we have no other choice but to accept it. The data that is available, provides us with limited options.

What are my thoughts about the future and what do I expect?

I can see the world taking the approach of glanceability. For instance your umbrella telling you that it’s raining and as a result you take it along with you; or a cutting board telling you how many calories you plan to consume. I think soon we will be able to display important data on objects, without needing to take out our phones.

Why a wall clock as the first product?

Well, a clock is a familiar object that people have known for centuries. We all have a habit of glancing at the clock to know the current time. I like clocks because they help me time manage my life. They also help me create accountability on my goals; plus they are fashionable. Therefore, we decided as a team to add more value to this familiar object. Glance Clock approach is unique and I hope you get to experience what this device has to offer.

Drop us a comment! Let us know how the IoT is changing your life and what are your plans on creating a smart home.