Time has a charming way of showing us what really matters. We have many roles in our lifetime: being a good parent, a good friend or a good neighbor. In 2014, I took on the role as being an inventor and entrepreneur in creating a device for people’s homes who have busy lives. My vision was that your home will know you as well as you know your home, it was totally another level of home intelligence.  Our desire is to promote a happier home by creating a smart home digital hub. Of course, be user-friendly and it could connect with all home devices in a unique and efficient ecosystem.

Sometimes with time, it can pass by and you can miss an opportunity.  We all have made mistakes, and when this happens you have to move forward. That is what I did. After discovering another prototype; it was launched and I had to change my plans rapidly. I remember sitting in the cafe in Singapore and thinking about the future of my team and my startup. I had an incredible team who were passionate about connecting devices. After six cups of coffee and time has passed, a spark finally arrived. I decided that we needed to pivot the project and continue with our challenge.

David Rose. The author of the book "Enchanted Objects"

David Rose. The author of the book "Enchanted Objects"

Our project shifted with David Rose idea of “Enchanted Objects.” He explained the future of interfacing and the concept of enchanted objects. Enchanted objects are things that we are familiar or ordinary but has enhanced via connectivity and cloud function. Eventually, everything connected with my vision.

The foundation of Glance Clock was Rose’s observation of a barometer. It was a simple device that told you information about the current weather condition. This concept lead to a bigger desire of using all your device’s data in a more efficient way.

We all get data on our phone screen, but it is quite difficult to read it, analyze and do what is next with that information. Merging all thoughts together with my own vision and Rose’s concept of the barometer, caused the spark of Glance clock. Glance clock is a smart clock that is enchanted with LED lights and has access to a cloud connectivity.

Our new world is filled with gadget devices. Some that our wearable and a few are in our homes. I was able to create an algorithm that analyze and processed cloud connectivity. The cloud finds the right piece of information at a particular moment and sends it to the user’s clock. The clock displays easy information for the user. Now, notifications don’t need to be annoying anymore!

This is the beginning of giving people more times in their lives. Do you desire more time? Please drop your comments bellow!

Founder and CEO of Glance Clock