Imagine how good you will feel if you time managed your life.

We decided to make a smart wall clock that will fit your needs. The only clock that has glanceability. We build our vision on the same idea of the barometer that David Rose described in his book, “Enchanted Objects” (read our previous post "David Rose "Enchanted objects" concept implementation in a smart wall clock"). Rose described glanceable as allowing users to understand information quickly and easily. Glanceability is important to us. It is critical to have a peripheral display design because user’s can quickly glance at and read the information with minimal interruption to your primary task. We put this meaning as a key point in our product’s vision and started to develop it.

Did you know that people recognized changes in shapes, positions, and color much faster than changes in numbers? Therefore we acted on this research study and incorporated glanceability. We felt that a glanceable display should represent data in geometric figures rather than text.

We tested several ideas to fit our users: how we can move from digits to shapes, how we can show a user’s progress, and how can we incorporate graphic primitives. We experimented with star-shaped structures, circles, arcs, rounded segments and other primitives. After we solved the issue of finding the perfect display, then we added color LED lights.


So what we have finally is a prototype of a smart clock with glanceable display that is easy to ready and quickly to understand. No more reading lines of text and numbers. Glance Clock is a well-designed wall clock with mechanical hands that makes it look like a regular clock.  One of the things you are going to love about glance clock is that it will tell you how much you accomplished in the day. Imagine you glancing at Glance Clock and see that it’s 3pm and you’ve done already ¾ of your daily tasks. How would that make you feel? As you consider the benefits of having a Glance Clock you might think you enhanced your skills in time management.

Imagine how good you will feel after you received your Glance Clock.

We would love to hear from you so join the conversation! How do you plan to use your Glance Clock?